Trump administration reimposes sanctions against Iran

US President Donald Trump issued an executive order [text] Monday titled reimposing certain sanctions against Iran. In a press statement [text], the White House criticized the previous Iran nuclear deal, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action of July 14, 2015 (JCPOA). The JCPOA agreement [lawsiteblog report], signed by Iran, Germany, the five permanent members of the

Washington: The protesters declared American President treason

(Lawsiteblog)Washington: The protesters declared American President treason   The protest continues against US President Donald Trump. For three consecutive nights, those who demonstrated in front of the White House are treasoning, while in a TV interview, they attributed the Russian President to be directly involved in the election. The demonstrators had picked up a card

UN experts condemn Trump’s attacks on media

UN experts on freedom of expression on Thursday condemned [press release] US President Donald Trump’s attacks on the media, saying that the attacks are “strategic, designed to undermine confidence in reporting and raise doubts about verifiable facts.” The experts emphasized the importance of the free press, and urged Trump to end these attacks and condemn his

US accuses Russia of ‘pervasive’ election meddling

(LawSiteBlog)  (Reported by BBC) US national security chiefs have lined up to warn American democracy is in the “crosshairs” of foreign adversaries for elections in 2018 and 2020. Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats said: “We continue to see a pervasive messaging campaign by Russia to weaken and divide the US.” Mr Coats said the

International Religious Freedom Summit Fails to Mask Trump’s Scorn for Human Rights

(Lawsiteblog) The media came back to the US President Donald Trump. He declared the media spreading the wrong news as a public enemy. Last year's president, Enanha Trump, had declared misleading people as an enemy on which President Trump tweeted that if the media spread out the wrong news, he is also an enemy of the public. It is clear that relations between the US President and the journalists were endangered since days, some time ago, Donald Trump refused to answer a journalist's question during a joint press conference with British Prime Minister Thessaleme.

(lawsiteblog) From degrading disabled people, women, LGBT individuals, and other minorities to the forsaking of the United Nation Human Rights Council, and from separating migrant families to the coddling of authoritarians and racists, this presidency consistently ridicules human rights. It follows that the State Department’s first international conference to Advance Religious Freedom might trigger a

Trump admin drops asylum protections for domestic violence victims

Fairfax County, Virginia (lawsiteblog) The Trump administration Monday overturned asylum protections for domestic violence and gang violence victims in a ruling that could potentially prevent tens of thousands of immigrants from getting protection in the US. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision sets a high bar for victims of crime to qualify for asylum protections. Not

Donald Trump Democratic Norms in America

(LawSiteBlog) Ask people with deep knowledge of the US justice department about the damage Donald Trump might be doing to the country, and the conversation quickly flips back to Watergate. Following Richard Nixon’s failed attempt to pull the plug on a special prosecutor who turned out to be on to something, the need for investigators

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