‘Apprentice’ contestant’s lawsuit against Trump to proceed: NY judge

Mogul Weinstein pleads not guilty to rape charges

Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein pleaded not guilty on Tuesday to charges of rape and sexual assault, his lawyer said, in the first cases involving the disgraced producer to be tested in criminal court since scores of accusers emerged last year More than 70 women have accused the Miramax film studio’s co-founder of sexual misconduct, including

Harassment Law Effect in July

A bill aimed at changing workplace culture around sexual harassment will become law on July 1. Gov. Phil Scott signed an anti-sexual harassment bill into law on May 30 that improves statewide sexual harassment reporting, bans policies that make it difficult for survivors to report misconduct and kick-starts an education campaign to foster safer internal

Violent attacks against protesters in Nicaragua

Amnesty International (AI) [advocacy website] denounced [press release] the “systematic ‘shoot-to-kill’ policy of [Nicaragua’s] President Ortega’s government” in a press release on Wednesday. The statement follows an AI report [text, PDF] published the day before that detailed the Nicaraguan government’s tactics to suppress protesters. The organization especially criticized the government’s use of firearms to subdue

Judicial Review in Iraq

In Iraq’s Constitution of 2005, more than 67 of the 144 Articles include the language: “shall be regulated by law,” referring to the most important laws including the Federation Council Law, and the Oil and Gas Law. Aside from these laws, there are some others which need to be enacted by the Iraqi Parliament. All

Outcast Lawyers in China

When Sui Muqing became a lawyer in 1993, he couldn’t imagine that 25 years later he would become a “post-lawyer” (lvshihou), a self-deprecating term often used by lawyers in China who have been stripped of their license to practice. The authorities accused Sui Muqing of confronting a trial judge and separately of taking a picture

Licensed conveyancers forced into online price publication

(lawsiteblog) Conveyancers will be required to publish their service standards and prices online, a niche regulator has confirmed. The Council for Licensed Conveyancers today announced it will mandate that firms increase the information they put in the public domain as part of a push to improve transparency and consumer choice. The decision comes as the Solicitors Regulation Authority

What are some guerrilla hit and run tactics?

Of course, when we talk about guerrilla attacks, we’re going to eventually come to ambushes. There are two types of point ambushes: Linear and L-Shaped, and these can be conducted with small units. In every ambush there should be at least an assault element, a support element, and two or more security teams. The (preferred)

What should I do after I committed a crime

(Lawsiteblog Jail Break) Legally? You should hire a criminal defense attorney, tell him or her what outcome you want, answer all of his or her questions truthfully and as completely as you can, and then follow his or her advice to the letter. Morally? You should proceed with all deliberate haste to the nearest police

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