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Attorney Requirements

  • A Pennsylvania Law License
  • Strong Computer and Writing Skills
  • 6 Days per week of availability
  • Relocation to office location

Attorney Responsibilities

  • Review title documents and abstracts to analyze chain of title to determine surface and mineral ownership and identify potential and/or actual defects in title.
  • Analyze mineral leases and agreements, including oil and gas leases, memoranda of oil and gas leases, compressor site agreements and pipeline right-of-way agreements to ensure leases and associated agreements are properly executed by the correct parties and recorded as necessary.
  • Analyze mineral lease agreements to determine royalty interests, working interests, overriding royalty interests and any other interests that may have been created by agreement.
  • Draft title opinions based on the review of above documents and interests, recommending appropriate curative actions where necessary.

Attorney Benefits

  • 401k
  • Paid time off
  • Great work environment
  • Room for upward mobility

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Shawn is an expert legal analyst, lawyer, and journalist.

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