California Supreme Court rejects pension reform

The California Supreme Court on Thursday reversed [opinion, pdf] a lower court’s decision to uphold Proposition B, a San Diego pension reform initiative. The initiative was first placed on the ballot in 2010 by former Mayor Jerry Sanders [profile] after then-Councilman Carl DeMaio [website] suggested that 401(k)-style retirement plans take the place of traditional pensions

International Religious Freedom Summit Fails to Mask Trump’s Scorn for Human Rights

(Lawsiteblog) The media came back to the US President Donald Trump. He declared the media spreading the wrong news as a public enemy. Last year's president, Enanha Trump, had declared misleading people as an enemy on which President Trump tweeted that if the media spread out the wrong news, he is also an enemy of the public. It is clear that relations between the US President and the journalists were endangered since days, some time ago, Donald Trump refused to answer a journalist's question during a joint press conference with British Prime Minister Thessaleme.

(lawsiteblog) From degrading disabled people, women, LGBT individuals, and other minorities to the forsaking of the United Nation Human Rights Council, and from separating migrant families to the coddling of authoritarians and racists, this presidency consistently ridicules human rights. It follows that the State Department’s first international conference to Advance Religious Freedom might trigger a

Serbia Bar Association protests killing of Milošević lawyer

(Lawsiteblog) The Serbian Bar Association and the Bar Association of Belgrade announced [statement, in Serbian] a week-long strike starting July 30 in response to the killing of prominent criminal defense lawyer Dragoslav Miše Ognjanović. Ognjanović served on the war crimes defense team of former Serbian leader Slobodan Milošević in the early 2000s. He was also

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NOLO PUBLISHERS Nolo, formerly known as Nolo Press, is a publisher (ONLINE LLC) in Berkeley, California, that produces do-it-yourself legal books and software that allows people to handle simple legal matters such as making wills or writing business partnership contracts. Its areas of focus include immigration, family law, employment law, tenant and landlord issues, wills,

Lebanon has a new anti-torture law finally

In July 2017, a Lebanese military prosecutor dismissed allegations that four Syrian men had been tortured to death at the hands of the Lebanese army, following a raid on an informal Syrian refugee camp in the Arsal area. At Amnesty International, we analyzed photos of the victims with the help of forensic experts and concluded

People in Business

Laddey, Clark & Ryan, LLP, in Sparta, has promoted three attorneys to partnership in the firm: Timothy E. Dinan, Jessica A. Jansyn and Renata A. Mizak. Dinan is the co-leader of the Personal Injury Practice Group. An experienced trial attorney, Dinan has litigated on behalf of plaintiffs throughout New Jersey and nationally. He earned his

The Hypocrisy of Hedge Fund Activists

In virtually every activism campaign, hedge fund activists don the mantle of the shareholders’ champion and accuse the target company’s board and management of subpar corporate governance. This claim to having “best practices of corporate governance” at heart is hollow—even hypocritical—as evidenced by at least three examples: hedge fund activists actually undermine the shareholder franchise,

Is there an ethical problem with attorneys ghostwriting for pro se clients?

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