Unexplored Connections: The Crimes of Saddam Hussein and Israeli-Palestinian Relations

Nullum crimen sine poena,  “No crime without a punishment.” – Nuremberg Tribunal, Final Judgment, 1946 Whether formally codified or merely personal, memory must always lie at the heart of justice. Today, however, almost no one remembers the myriad threats and actual missile attacks once launched at Israel from Iraq. Indeed, virtually no one even remembers

An Unexpectedly Small Piece of Cake

One of the year’s most-watched Supreme Court controversies, Masterpiece Cakeshop, Limited v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission [No. 16-111], was never likely to deliver the full faceoff between Religious Free Exercise and Anti-Discrimination Rights that many people expected.  As I’ll explain more fully below, cake baker Jack Phillip’s claim to avoid administrative sanctions despite refusing on religious grounds to

Temptation to Compromise

The latest victim in the war against the rule of law and the supremacy of God are Christian faith-based Canadian universities whose graduates require professional licensing by an administrative agent of the government. To understand the significance of the 2018 Trinity Western University (TWU) Supreme Court law society decisions, British Columbia and Ontario, the context

The Stain of Torture

June 26th is the United Nations’ International Day in Support of Victims of Torture. Its purpose — to denounce the crime of torture and proclaim solidarity with its survivors — is in stark opposition to the policy of my government. As a former Chief Prosecutor of an international war crimes tribunal in West Africa, I walked

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The Law Q&A | Class-action suits: Who gets protection?

Best Lawyer/Law Firm

With a combined total of nearly 30 years’ experience, brothers Victor R. and Manuel “Manny” Parra are the powerhouse behind this year’s Best Law Firm. Parra Law Firm has swept the category for the sixth year in a row. Manny graduated from New York University School of Law while his brother, a former UTEP Miner,

DR Congo mining code regulations signed into law

Regulations to implement Congo’s new mining code have been signed into law with no changes, advisers to the prime minister told Reuters on Saturday, despite objections from mining firms that have been threatening legal action. Prime Minister Bruno Tshibala signed the regulations into law overnight, his adviser Patrick Mutombo Buzangu told Reuters by telephone, but

Blue states find ways to undercut GOP tax law

The dangers of divorce law: Attorneys pack pistols, install panic buttons