DWF latest law firm to catch flotation bug with £1bn IPO

Labor of Law: EEOC’s Reflections on #MeToo | Sizing Up the Gig Workforce | Plus: The Latest Laterals & More

New Jersey set to become latest state to enact stricter gun laws

Trump admin drops asylum protections for domestic violence victims

Fairfax County, Virginia (lawsiteblog) The Trump administration Monday overturned asylum protections for domestic violence and gang violence victims in a ruling that could potentially prevent tens of thousands of immigrants from getting protection in the US. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision sets a high bar for victims of crime to qualify for asylum protections. Not

The Importance of Inferior Voting Rights in Dual-Class Firms

Over the past several years, corporate law scholarship has carefully analyzed the effects of dual-class capital structures, which allocate superior voting rights to insiders and inferior voting rights to public shareholders. My article, The Importance of Inferior Voting Rights in Dual-Class Firms, which will be published by the Brigham Young University Law Review, adds to

Voters give clear thumbs up for reform of Swiss gambling law

Offshore casinos will be banned from offering online gambling in Switzerland. Voters on Sunday endorsed an overhaul of the country’s gambling law that also includes measures against addiction. Final results show a 73% majority approving the law amid low voter turnout. “Voters prefer to continue the current policy, only allowing gambling under restrictions,” Justice Minister Simonetta Sommaruga told

Trump Confesses Illegal Motive, Blows Up Legal Basis for His Trade War

Airbnb pulls over 48,000 rentals in Japan following recent law

Law Enforcement Think Tank Gives 9 Key Recommendations On How To Prevent ‘Gun Violence’

The Police Executive Research Forum (PERF), a Washington-based think tank, on Friday released their Action Plan to Reduce Gun Violence following a Thursday meeting with the nation’s big-city police chiefs. “The recommendations recognize that solving the gun violence problem is not the responsibility of one entity or one level of government,” the recommendation guide said.

‘Right to Try’ law no panacea for terminally ill, experts say