UN experts condemn Trump’s attacks on media

UN experts on freedom of expression on Thursday condemned [press release] US President Donald Trump’s attacks on the media, saying that the attacks are “strategic, designed to undermine confidence in reporting and raise doubts about verifiable facts.”

The experts emphasized the importance of the free press, and urged Trump to end these attacks and condemn his administration’s attacks on the media as well. They also expressed concern that the attacks may lead to more journalists being targeted with violence.

The experts also explained how the attacks go “beyond President Trump’s language” and urged his administration “to avoid pursuing legal cases against journalists in an effort to identify confidential sources, an effort that undermines the independence of the media and the ability of the public to have access to information.”

The experts also encouraged the media to continue to try to hold all public officials accountable and to act against the president’s efforts “to favour some outlets over others.”

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