Iran sues US over sanctions

Iran filed a lawsuit [materials] against the US in the International Court of Justice Tuesday, alleging that the US is violating a 1955 treaty.

This lawsuit follows the US’ decision in May to remove itself from the Iran nuclear deal and reimpose sanctions against Tehran. Iran is alleging that in taking such action, the US is violating multiple articles of the Amity Treaty of 1955 [text, PDF].

In the case proceedings [text, PDF], the Republic of Iran details how the talk of these sanctions has already had a negative impact in the country.

One of the immediate effects of the announcement of 8 May sanctions (and its anticipation) has been the devaluation of Iranian currency. Since October 2017, when President Trump merely suggested that the USA would re-impose sanctions, the value of the Rial has dropped dramatically. This devaluation has resulted and is continuing to result in inflation in the prices of goods, commodities, raw materials and related services in different sectors of the economy.

Iran is requesting that the court have all sanctions [JURIST report] immediately put on hold until the end of the proceedings.

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