Former New York Senate majority leader found guilty of corruption in retrial

Former New York Senate Majority leader, Dean Skelos, and his son, Adam Skelos, were found guilty for the second time on charges of corruption.

The pair were first arrested and found guilty in 2015, when Dean had allegedly been trading political favors for work and checks for Adam. Both remained out of jail, free on bail, while waiting an appeal hearing.

The US Circuit Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit then vacated the guilty conviction on the basis of the decision of the Supreme Court in McDonnell v. United States [opinion, PDF].

Deputy US Attorney Robert Khuzami shared in a press release [text] that he was not surprised by the decision of the court.

Yet again, a New York jury heard a sordid tale of bribery, extortion, and the abuse of power by a powerful public official of this State. And yet again, a jury responded with a unanimous verdict of guilt, in this case of Dean Skelos and his son Adam–sending the resounding message that political corruption will not be tolerated.

Both men are facing up to 110 years in prison, with their sentencing to take place in October.

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